TTP v Phoenix

stapleford phoenix

12 July 2017 – TTP v Phoenix at Barrington
TTP won by seven wickets (but we played on anyway)

Match Report
Again there is not much to say – certainly when it comes to describing our innings.
We just couldn’t get going on a green strip enjoyed by skillful and accurate bowling and they had little problems knocking off our paltry total.
Still, positives were not hard to find as our top scorer was our youngest batsman, with Peter hitting an aggressive 16 to become the second youth product to graduate to the team.
As it was such a glorious sunny evening we played on for the full game anyway to give them a bat and us a bowl. And we were treated to two wickets in as many balls by Damon the Leg-spinner (who almost got the hat-trick too) plus Gareth’s ‘bet you can’t hit the lamp-post off me’ wager in the last over (couple of near misses).

Grantchester v Phoenix

stapleford phoenix

6th July 2017 at Grantchester

Grantchester win by 48 runs


Matt and Ralph starred last night but despite decent contributions from Simon and Jeff (and a really good catch from Aidan) it didn’t really happen for us as a team, against opposition who would probably have beaten us comfortably anyway but there you go.

We try again next Wednesday when we go for our first home and away ‘double’, at TTP.

Village Weekend

stapleford phoenix

Damon’s XI v Gareth’s XI (35 overs)
Gareth’s team won by 15 runs

A truly epic Village Match played in exactly the right spirit, well done everybody. Some impressive debuts too, not least from the young ‘uns. Simon L and Damon almost pulled off the Great Escape but fell just short.

Gareth’s XI      
Batsman     Runs
R Minter not out   61
J Wilson c B Swinton S Creed 0
H Calne c Lancaster W Anderson 30
G Everson lbw W Anderson 1
T Harrison run out   32
D Bose   Rainsford 0
A Foster lbw S Creed 19
S Bose c B Swinton S Lancaster 0
R Calne lbw J Creed 11
J West c Garman A Calne 26
B Cairnduff not out   2
Extras 27      
  Total:209-9 in 35 overs
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
S Lancaster 6 0 31 1
S Creed 7 0 32 2
W Anderson 7 0 27 2
A Calne 5 0 36 1
D Rainsford 4 0 25 1
A Swain 4 2 12 0
J Creed 2 0 19 1
Damon’s XI
Batsman Runs
S Creed Foster 0
C Punshon c H Calne Foster 1
A Swain J West 23
J Swinton Foster 0
S Lancaster not out 79
J Creed run out 5
B Swinton Harrison 0
W Anderson c J West D Bose 6
D Garman lbw S Bose 9
D Rainsford c J West Harrison 37
A Calne Minter 1
Extras 31
Total:194 all out in 32.4 overs
Gareth’s XI
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
Foster 5 0 27 3
J West 7 0 30 1
Wilson 3 1 8 0
D Bose 4 0 21 1
Harrison 3.4 0 15 2
S Bose 3 0 15 1
Everson 2 0 23 0
Cairnduff 3 0 15 0
Minter 2 0 10 1

Stapleford Phoenix v Great Shelford III

stapleford phoenix

Phoenix v Great Shelford 3s.
GS3 won by 3 runs

Match Report

A good-natured friendly game between the two sister sides, with a number of Phoenix men representing the opposition, resulted in a narrow victory for Great Shelford 3s on the last ball.
Stuart won the toss and unsurprisingly elected to bat. The Phoenix opening bowling was indifferent to say the least but Alex picked up two wickets and the change bowling was much better.
Tim bowled well to record a brace, Nusrat was his usual economical self, Ralph took two wickets – one of which was a superb catch in the deep by Bruce to dismiss Stuart – and Aidan had Matt stumped (to the batsman’s annoyance) with one of his left-arm lucky dippers.
Shells posted 131-7 from their 20 overs, a total inflated too much by the wayward extras early on.
Aidan got our reply off to an aggressive start before he was dismissed by a small girl* and Ralph glided his way to an unbeaten 25 that forced his retirement.
Gareth’s hot streak with the bat continued as he smashed a six to return to the hutch with an unbeaten 30.
It was then a question of whether our tail could finish the job but, with the not out men waiting to come back in, Shelford had enough nous to restrict the runs without taking too many wickets.
All in all, an excellent game in a convivial atmosphere on a pitch lovingly prepared by the Shells skipper and the Fixtures Secretary.
*Alana Calne, who also dismissed her own dad, is actually a fine bowler, and a very good fielder too.

Great Shelford III
Batsman Runs
G Martin c Swinton A West 8
H Calne c Swain A West 7
G Rolls not out 30
D Rainsford b Harrison 8
A Foster c Minter Harrison 4
J Melton c Swain Minter 18
S Creed c Cairnduff Minter 13
M Dobson st Garman Swain 3
P Creed not out 7
S George not out 1
A Calne dnb 32
Extras 32
131-7 in 20 overs
Stapleford Phoenix
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
A West 3 0 25 2
J West 3 0 18 0
Nusrat 4 0 17 0
T Harrison 4 0 27 2
R Minter 3 0 16 2
A Swain 3 0 21 1
Stapleford Phoenix
Batsman Runs
A Swain c Rainsford A Calne 13
D Garman b S Creed 5
J Swinton b S Creed 6
R Minter retired not out 25
R Calne c Rolls A Calne 2
G Everson not out 30
N Robinson b George 1
T Harrison c Rolls George 9
B Cairnduff not out 4
J West run out 7
A West not out 2
Extras 24
128-7 in 20 overs
Great Shelford III
Bowler Overs Maidens Runs Wickets
M Dobson 4 0 15 0
S Creed 3 1 19 2
A Calne 3 0 24 2
A Foster 3 0 8 0
George 3 1 26 2
G Rolls 3 0 19 0
Martin 1 0 4 0