Phoenix v Shelford 3rds

Stapleford Phoenix

Monday September 4 Village Match Lite
Tim’s team v George’s Team

Result – George’s team won by four wickets in a 16-over T20

Last night’s game – which has been put in the ‘Village Match category’ – was a lot of fun as George’s team beat Tim’s team by four wickets despite the heroic hat-trick efforts of the losing captain.
We were also reminded of the majesty of Ralph’s batting as he became the first Phoenix man to top 200 runs in a season: the majority of his latest not out score via one Stuart over!

Stapleford Phoenix
Ralph demonstrating how to score runs.

The youth policy is flourishing with 3 Creeds, 3 Wests and 2 Swintons on the field and the youngest pairing will soon be old enough to play regularly in this format.

Tim’s team

R Minter retired not out 25
J Wilson retired not out 25
M Smith b S Creed 5
N Robinson b Martin 2
B Swinton not out 5
O Armitage c AJ West b Lancaster 5
J Swinton lbw Lancaster 0
T Harrison not out 8
dnb B Cairnduff, M Dobson
Extras 13

Total: 88-4 off 16 overs

Lancaster 3-0-7-2
J West 3-0-14-0
AL West 3-0-17-0
S Creed 3-1-29-1
Martin 1-1-0-1
J Creed 2-0-9-0
Rolls 1-0-8-0

George’s team

G Martin b Smith 14
D Rainsford retired not out 27
P Creed c Wilson b Minter 5
G Rolls c O Armitage b Harrison 18
S Lancaster c J Swinton b Minter 7
N Armitage not out 2
J Creed b Harrison 0
S Creed b Harrison 0
J West not out 0
dnb AJ West, AL West
Extras 17
Total: 90-6 off 15.2 overs

IPH v Stapleford Phoenix

stapleford phoenix

Stapleford Phoenix v IPH, at Queens’ College, Weds June 12

Another close game at the wonderful Queens’ College ground (although the magic beer bell wasn’t working this time!). Ralph and Damon scored most of our runs and we defended the total valiantly only to be overhauled on the penultimate ball. Chris took two wickets in his first over and fellow debutant Elliott came straight from dental surgery, dripping blood across the pristine surface as he went. Such dedication deserved a more positive result…

IPH won the toss and elected to bowl

Stapleford Phoenix

A Swain lbw Martin 1
G Martin c Butler b Martin 17
G Everson c? b Martin 10
R Minter retired not out 25
D Rainsford retired not out 25
C Bevan b Butler 0
A Foster run out 2
B Cairnduff b Butler 1
J West not out 4
E Smith not out 5
DNB M Dobson
Extras 10
Total: 100-6 off 20 overs


Sushant retired not out 25
Sherard c Dobson b Bevan 0
Suraj c Minter b Bevan 0
Praveen c Everson b J West 18
Macca lbw Dobson 1
Baddeley b Dobson 14
Mahir not out 19
Vin run out 0
Sweeting not out 0
Extras 25
Total: 102-6 off 19.5 balls

Smith 4-1-13-0
Bevan 2-0-15-2
Dobson 3.5-1-12-2
Foster 3-0-9-0
J West 2-0-7-1
Minter 3-0-15-0
Martin 2-0-6-0

Sharks v Phoenix

stapleford phoenix

Monday July 17 Sharks, at Fen Ditton
Sharks won by 45 runs

Match Report

Entertaining, run-filled match last night against very strong opposition, who batted and bowled really well.
We seem to be a bit like Burnley – capable of getting the odd cracking result at home but struggle away.
Plenty of positives though – Simon’s opening spell garnered three wickets (and a run out) and although their total was always going to be tough to replicate our reply saw Dave (back on the email list now, not sure what happened there) and Aidan get their mojos back with some superb hitting. Damon made quick runs too.
We just got a bit bogged down in overs 5-10 and fell too far behind the run rate.
Another positive was the debut of Will, the all-rounder – welcome to the Phoenix Will.
He plays at a high level for Barrington and reckoned their bowling was of a similar quality so we didn’t do too badly.
In other news, Keith Oakes, a stalwart of the previous high-flying Stapleford team, says he fancies coming out of retirement. Or at least he did last night! So hopefully we will see him don the yellow pads once more soon.

TTP v Phoenix

stapleford phoenix

12 July 2017 – TTP v Phoenix at Barrington
TTP won by seven wickets (but we played on anyway)

Match Report
Again there is not much to say – certainly when it comes to describing our innings.
We just couldn’t get going on a green strip enjoyed by skillful and accurate bowling and they had little problems knocking off our paltry total.
Still, positives were not hard to find as our top scorer was our youngest batsman, with Peter hitting an aggressive 16 to become the second youth product to graduate to the team.
As it was such a glorious sunny evening we played on for the full game anyway to give them a bat and us a bowl. And we were treated to two wickets in as many balls by Damon the Leg-spinner (who almost got the hat-trick too) plus Gareth’s ‘bet you can’t hit the lamp-post off me’ wager in the last over (couple of near misses).