Phoenix v Shelford 3rds

Stapleford Phoenix

Monday September 4 Village Match Lite
Tim’s team v George’s Team

Result – George’s team won by four wickets in a 16-over T20

Last night’s game – which has been put in the ‘Village Match category’ – was a lot of fun as George’s team beat Tim’s team by four wickets despite the heroic hat-trick efforts of the losing captain.
We were also reminded of the majesty of Ralph’s batting as he became the first Phoenix man to top 200 runs in a season: the majority of his latest not out score via one Stuart over!

Stapleford Phoenix
Ralph demonstrating how to score runs.

The youth policy is flourishing with 3 Creeds, 3 Wests and 2 Swintons on the field and the youngest pairing will soon be old enough to play regularly in this format.

Tim’s team

R Minter retired not out 25
J Wilson retired not out 25
M Smith b S Creed 5
N Robinson b Martin 2
B Swinton not out 5
O Armitage c AJ West b Lancaster 5
J Swinton lbw Lancaster 0
T Harrison not out 8
dnb B Cairnduff, M Dobson
Extras 13

Total: 88-4 off 16 overs

Lancaster 3-0-7-2
J West 3-0-14-0
AL West 3-0-17-0
S Creed 3-1-29-1
Martin 1-1-0-1
J Creed 2-0-9-0
Rolls 1-0-8-0

George’s team

G Martin b Smith 14
D Rainsford retired not out 27
P Creed c Wilson b Minter 5
G Rolls c O Armitage b Harrison 18
S Lancaster c J Swinton b Minter 7
N Armitage not out 2
J Creed b Harrison 0
S Creed b Harrison 0
J West not out 0
dnb AJ West, AL West
Extras 17
Total: 90-6 off 15.2 overs