TTP v Phoenix

Stapleford Phoenix

When the Great Floods of 2022 wipe out our entire fixture list, and Stapleford itself, surviving Phoenix men will look back on the summer of 2018 and remark: boy was it hot at Barrington.
And it was. Needless to say Gareth came second in the coin toss stakes once again and we were soon baking steadily while their openers feasted on roast bowler.
Both were top-class and Alex and Simon did well to make them work hard for their retired not out knocks, which saw the TTP score bounce along at eight an over, sometimes higher.
Their absence made a difference however and we started taking wickets and bringing the rate downwards.
The Fixtures Secretary began it by tempting their number three into snicking a wide one and George and Tim took advantage of the open door that was their mid-innings to remove batsmen without too much damage – George claimed two and Tim three, both bowled excellently. Jeff was unleashed late on and dismissed two more in an equally fine spell; the loss of Matt to a twisted ankle on the boundary did not turn out to be a significant blow.
TTP posted 137-8 in the end.
Dave and Jeff put willow to leather in reply before the former was run out by a superb direct hit. Jeff went on to post another not out score but Ralph was quickly removed and our middle order, up against some accurate bowling, couldn’t prevent the required run-rate from reaching double figures despite some lusty hitting from Simon and George, who clubbed a six into the shrubbery.

Fred not out 26
Sam retired not out 27
Adam c Garman b J West 3
Jan c A West b Rolls 6
Steve lbw Rolls 17
Andy st Garman b Harrison 6
Nav b Wilson 5
Tim b Harrison 1
Harry b Wilson 10
Jamie b Harrison 1
Paul not out 14
Extras 14
Total: 137-8 off 20 overs

A West 3-0-20-0
Lancaster 3-0-30-0
J West 3-1-15-1
Rolls 4-0-31-2
Harrison 4-0-19-3
Wilson 3-0-17-2

J Wilson retired not out 27
D Garman run out 17
R Minter st Adam b Nav 1
G Everson c? b Sam 10
B Cairnduff b Paul 4
S Lancaster c? b Harry 11
G Rolls c? b Nav 15
T Harrison c? b Nav 3
J West st Adam b Sam 0
A West c? b Sam 0
M Dobson not out 0
Extras 28
Total: 116-9 off 20 overs

Sharks v Phoenix

Stapleford Phoenix

We lost to a pretty good side who made sure they avenged their last ball defeat earlier in the year. We couldn’t find a way to stem the flow of runs, and a record score in the chase didn’t get us close enough. Jeff (42* ) and Dave (around 40 too ) were the standout performers and gave the chase an awesome start but once they were ‘back in the hutch’, it was hard to keep up the scoring what with their spinner who took a fifer ( compared to ours who took a battering 🙂

Stapleford Phoenix


Phoenix v Grantchester

Stapleford Phoenix

Stapleford recreation ground

Another landmark victory; a comfortable-in-the-end one against opponents who usually spank us.
We posted 147 for 6 on a pitch watered by Great Shelford’s new sprinkler system and therefore back to its old ‘unpredictable/occasionally lethal’ status. Hmm.

Three of our batsmen nonetheless retired to applause – first Jeff, then Ralph – whose 27* came from just 12 balls, including a six over the pavilion – and finally the skipper.
Our top five all made it to double figures and every Phoenix man got a bat, and scored at least one run. We went back into the field confident of success.
That was given a knocking in the very first over as one opener hit effortless successive sixes off Simon – and both gave Stuart even more brutal treatment in the next one. Grantchester, whose fielding had been sensational at times, were 31-0 off just 12 balls!

Stapleford Phoenix v Grantchester

To their credit, our pair stuck at it and were rewarded with the wickets of their tormentors. Simon bowled the man who had hit him for the sixes and, after our Aussie had made short work of his replacement, Stuart induced a top edge that Dave pouched to turn 31-0 into 38-3.
That became 48-6 thanks to three wickets in four balls as the game swung further our way.
The Fixtures Secretary was in the thick of it, first by taking a running catch in the deep (insert appropriate number of ?!!???!!!s here) off Stuart, whose lbw appeal next ball persuaded the umpire to raise a digit.
Grantchester avoided the hat-trick but the Fixtures Secretary came on at the other end and induced a top edge to see off another bat off his first ball. Extraordinary.
The visitors responded with a solid partnership that saw both batsmen retire not out. One came back once the tailenders had had a go but we were well ahead by then thanks to tight bowling from the spin twins, who took a wicket apiece. Jeff took on the mantle of ‘death’ bowler and they couldn’t get him away.

D Garman lbw Kennedy 15
J Wilson retired not out 25
A Swain c Wray b Ludford 10
R Minter retired not out 27
G Everson retired not out 27
N Robinson c? b Baker 3
S Lancaster st? b Wray 11
T Harrison c? b H Lawes 5
J West b Patel 1
S Creed not out 1
N Hamid not out 1
Extras 19
Total: 147-6 off 20 overs

G D’Oyly c Garman b S Creed 17
T Lawes b Lancaster 16
W Wray lbw Lancaster 1
K Sverdrup lbw S Creed 7
F Wilson c J West b S Creed 3
P Patel c Garman b J West 0
H Lawes retired not out 26
S Ludford not out 32
M Baker c Everson b Hamid 4
T Kennedy not out 8
C Revier b Harrison 0
Extras 7
Total: 121-8 off 20 overs

Lancaster 3-0-25-2
S Creed 4-0-28-3
J West 3-0-14-1
Hamid 4-0-19-1
Harrison 4-0-27-1
Wilson 2-0-7-0

Phoenix v TTP

stapleford phoenix

 Phoenix won by 5 wickets

Another good team performance and win with some excellent individual contributions against a handy TTP side.
Gareth lost the toss (again) which meant we had to chase but although an opener was able to retire unbeaten it wasn’t until the number 10 wagged the tail that TTP were able to post a defendable score.
Jeff weighed in with another three-wicket haul, with Tim contributing two more (plus a catch into the sunlight) after Simon had got us off to a flier with a wicket from the second ball of the match. Matt and Jon also took a wicket apiece
The opener returned to take TTP to 121 from their 20 overs.
The skipper began the run chase aggressively and although he lost Dave early on Aidan and Damon kept us up with the run rate. Which was just as well as we lost wickets in the 12th, 13th, 14th and 15th overs as they went and Jeff and Tim lingered only briefly.
George and Simon saw us through though with a 37-run sixth-wicket partnership that combined quick singles with some fine big hitting.

Harry W c J West b Lancaster 0
Adam not out 31
Jan B b Wilson 19
Matt c Garman b Wilson 6
Andy lbw b Harrison 2
Nav b Wilson 1
Harry b J West 4
Tanvir c Harrison b Dobson 4
Rob b Harrison 9
Jamie retired not out 25
Paul not out 0
Extras 20
Total: 121-8 from 20 overs
Lancaster 4-0-16-1
S Creed 3-0-22-0
J West 4-0-22-1
Wilson 3-1-14-3
Harrison 3-0-20-2
Dobson 3-0-20-1
G Everson retired not out 28
D Garman c? b Paul 0
A Swain c? b Tanvir 16
D Rainsford c? b Nav 10
G Rolls not out 23
J Wilson c? b Tanvir 1
T Harrison b Nav 0
S Lancaster not out 15
dnb: J West, M Dobson, S Creed
Extras 25
Total: 122-5 from 18.4 overs