soarleg2016 Season

We ended up playing eight of the 12 scheduled fixtures, including the Village Match, after four of our opening six were rained off.
We ended up winning just one, with another finishing as a nail-biting tie, but had a couple of near misses that went to the final over.

Monday 25 (a) St Barnabas RAINED OFF


Wednesday 18 (h) Hatters RAINED OFF

Wednesday 25 (h) Sharks LOST BY 45 RUNS
Sharks 169-2 (Stuart 1-15), Phoenix 124-4 (Tim 27*)
The ferocious Sharks feasted on our bowling and although Tim led the fightback with some big hitting we were devoured.


Wednesday 1 (a) Grantchester RAINED OFF

Thursday 9 (h) IPH LOST
Phoenix 91 (Damon 26*) IPH 92-3
Chris and Damon enjoyed a partnership but our total was never going to be enough.
Monday 13 (h) St Barnabas RAINED OFF

Sunday 26 (h) Village Weekend match DAMON’s XI BEAT SIMON’S XI BY TWO WICKETS
Simon’s XI 107 (Ralph 47, Dave 39, Alex 3-5), Damon’s XI 108-8 (Will 22, Damon 20*, John F 3-16)
Simon’s side were looking good after recovering from the loss of three early wickets until Alex took three more in four balls including the skipper. Damon’s lot made heavy work of getting to a modest total until he sauntered in at number nine to finish the job.


Thursday 7 (h) Anglian Water LOST
Phoenix 128-7 (Damon 28*, Tim 20), Anglian Water 129-2.
We had the opposition pinned down at 6-2 in a game where everyone bowled two overs. Rapidly downhill from then on…

Monday 18 (a) IPH TIED
Phoenix 125-4 (Ralph 25*, Aidan 20*), IPH 125-5
The breakthrough game where we matched strong opposition ball for ball. They needed five to win off the last over and then three off the last ball. They got two, then everyone down to the pub to ‘celebrate’.

Tuesday 26 (h) Christ Church WON BY 12 RUNS
Phoenix 130-2 (Dave 27*, Aidan 26*, Joe 26*) Christ Church 108-7 (Stuart 25*, Alex 2-5)
Gareth skippers us to long-awaited victory in Damon’s absence as Stuart plays against us (and inevitably scores heavily).

Wednesday 3 MedImmune (a) LOST BY ONE WICKET
Phoenix 107-3 (Ralph 25*) MedImmune 110-9 (Alex 2-9)
Another close one, all we needed was one more wicket but they had their two best batsmen in for the last over and squeaked home.

TTP 125-8 (Nusrat 2-13), Phoenix 118 (Aidan 35*, Ralph 28)
Again this went to the last over and this time we had our best two batsmen in but they picked up the clinching wicket we found so elusive the previous week.