Phoenix Nights

Another year, another award ceremony, another night out.

500 odd for 18 was the final damage inflicted by the Indian opposition though Stuart wasn’t impressed with the extras conceded. It was such a mammoth session some of us missed the last train home and had to rely on a Panther.

With five awards up for grabs the air was full of anticipation (or was that just curry)

The Lurpak award for worst fielder – Aidan Swain

Catch of year  – Matt Dobson

Bowler(s) of year – Jeff Wilson and Jon West

Batsman of year – Aidan Swain

Player of year – Jeff Wilson

What did we learn from the season, Phoenix now has a strong selection of players making more runs and taking more wickets than previously with the belief of winning tight matches.

The club is now thriving with more quality players queuing at the pavilion, I can now smile and gracefully retire with the knowledge that we now have a village team that has done more than just rise from the ashes.