Phoenix v George Rolls XI

Stapleford rec.

Phoenix lost by 28 runs.

The winning run came to an end in a match that was both competitive and fun, with youngsters on both sides outperforming many adult team-mates. It was a good example, therefore, of what Phoenix nights were set up to be in the first place.
George, having boldly declared his XI were aiming to smash the 200-run barrier, had selected some powerful hitters, with Niall and James B both retiring pretty quickly (though I think I’m right in saying we dropped both of them). Matt K and Nick S didn’t hang about either and although George helped us with two of the three eventual run outs it wasn’t until right at the end that the scoring rate dropped off.
The George Rolls XI posted a total of 159-7. Not quite 200 but formidable enough.
We kept up with that for a while in reply as Jeff bludgeoned his way to an unbeaten 30, including a magnificent straight six to finish off.
Aidan made 10 before being dismissed for the first time this season; it was enough to make history as he became the first Phoenix man to top the 500-run mark. He is now averaging 90 this term too…
Bruce was unluckily run out on Jeff’s call without scoring but the skipper posted another not out knock, as did Peter – who has now racked up something approaching 130 runs in the space of just over a week, for three different teams, without being out once, which is some achievement.
The run rate had been creeping up all the while though and we don’t really possess an explosive finisher (who does?).
Stuart decided to have a go – and the 40-over limpet somehow managed to smash himself on the head with his bat first go. Ow… To be fair he did regain consciousness quickly enough to lever his prone body off the pitch, just short of a length, and complete a bye! A few more swings with no dings followed however and our demise was completed by his stumping as the Harry-Alana Calne brother and sister combination claimed its second victim of the evening.*

*For those of you concerned for his well-being; don’t worry, he was perfectly compos mentis in the pub afterwards.

N Barber retired not out 27
G Martin c Garman b S Creed 7
M King c Wilson b J West 23
J Badcock retired not out 25
N Sutcliffe run out 12
G Rolls retired not out 16
Raj c Rainsford b J West 0
S Tilling run out 7
H Calne c and b A West 5
R Calne not out 3
S Longhurst-Goldspink run out 0
Extras 19
Total: 159-7 off 20 overs

Lancaster 4-0-33-0
S Creed 4-0-34-1
Dobson 2-0-15-0
J West 3-1-21-2
Wilson 3-0-16-0
A West 4-0-20-1

D Garman c H Calne b A Calne 7
J Wilson retired not out 30
A Swain b Badcock 10
B Cairnduff run out 0
D Rainsford retired not out 26
P Creed retired not out 25
S Lancaster not out 9
S Creed st H Calne b A Calne 7
dnb: J West, A West, M Dobson
Extras: 11
Total: 131-4 off 20 overs