Phoenix vs IPH

Comprehensive win last night as a result of bowlers all bowling straight and taking wickets plus batters not fazed by a run chase that went from 22-0 to 22-3 at one point. The skipper hit a six to seal a seven-wicket victory. Jeff was not out again and Peter’s first game of the campaign saw him also hit a six and end 22 not out.

Aidan remains top of the run tree despite an lbw decision sponsored by Sawston Sawmills – and has now taken the most catches this season following a one-handed snaffle of the season contender in the deep. How has this happened?

Faz is the new leader in the wicket-taking stakes, with Matt challenging Jeff following a three-wicket burst.

Penkett c Swain b Lee 25
Franklin b Dobson 3
Sushant b Rolls 8
Liam b Hamid 7
Vin run out 6
Nav c Swain b Foster 9
Saheer b Rolls 6
Felix c Minter b Dobson 0
James b Dobson 9
Kevin b Lee 4
Rich not out 0
Extras 14
Total 91 all out off 19.4 overs

F Lee 3.4-1-8-2
M Dobson 4-0-13-3
G Rolls 4-0-31-2
N Hamid 4-1-17-1
A Foster 4-0-18-1

J Wilson retired not out 25
D Garman b Saheer 5
A Swain  lbw b Saheer 0
R Minter c Rich b Saheer 0
G Everson not out 30
P Creed not out 22
Extras 10
Total: 92-3 off 16.2 overs